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Rose Essential Oil

Latin Name: Rosa damascena Rose essential oil is a luxurious and versatile oil, highly valued for its rich, floral aroma and wide range of therapeutic benefits. It is commonly used in skincare, emotional wellness, and holistic health practices. History of the Damask Rose The Damask rose, Rosa damascena, has a rich and storied history that […]

In Search of Tranquillity

A tabby cat lies on a wooden table next to a white air diffuser emitting 'The Oil of Tranquillity,' surrounded by green houseplants. The scene exudes relaxation and serves as perfect anxiety relief with its touch of aromatherapy.

Discovering the Essence of Calm: A Personal Journey A Glimpse into Aromatherapy in Action: How ‘The Oil of Tranquillity’ transformed my anxious moments. Anxiety is something I have lived with and have been managing well for the last 5 years but this pandemic has certainly had me battling my fears, triggers and emotions again. The […]

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