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Ymlacio Life: Healing with Helen

At the core of Ymlacio Life is Helen – a beacon of holistic wellbeing and an embodiment of nurturing care. Direct from the serenity of a special treatment space in the heart of Gower, Swansea, she offers a multitude of therapeutic experiences tailored to nourish both body and soul.

Why Helen?

  • Versatile Expertise: From aromatherapy to sports and clinical therapies, and even the specialised art of dry needling, Helen is qualified in a diverse range of treatments, ensuring a holistic and bespoke client-centred approach to wellness.

  • Every Age, Every Stage: Helen’s skill set caters to everyone — from babies to adults. It’s her mission to help everyone enjoy a relaxing life, no matter their age or life phase.

  • Cancer Care with Compassion: Having undergone specialised training, Helen offers tailored treatments for those undergoing or post cancer treatments. With her, you’re in safe, understanding hands.

  • Safety First: With an up-to-date CRB Check and constant ongoing high level learning, Helen ensures that your safety and trust are paramount.

  • Experience with Specific Needs: Helen’s gentle approach and vast experience extend to both children and adults with disabilities and challenging behaviours. Everyone deserves relaxation and care, and Helen ensures they get it.


Nestled in the tranquil setting of Temple Wellness in Parkmill SA3 2EH, Helen welcomes you on Wednesdays (other days may be available at special arrangement). Special arrangements can be made for other days upon request.

Elevate your well-being and discover the Ymlacio Life difference. With Helen, healing isn’t just a treatment; it’s a path back to you.

Holistic treatments currently available in Gower and Swansea area

Each individual has a unique journey, and Helen’s range of treatments reflects that. Her offerings are more than just sessions; they are curated experiences for your wellbeing. Whether you’re seeking relief, relaxation, or rejuvenation, Ymlacio Life has something for every soul.

Dive into a world where therapeutic touch meets holistic wellness. Let Helen guide you on a transformative path at Ymlacio Life,

A woman indulging in a rejuvenating massage treatment at an holistic venue in Swansea.

Wellbeing Massage

Leave feeling deeply relaxed and at home in your body again.

Clients can receive massages of all types with Ymlacio Life based in Parkmill Gower Swansea

Pregnancy Massage

Perfect for mums-to-be and their baby. 

Aromatherapy Massage

An amazing massage with a blend tailored to you.

Sports Massage

For everyone, not just athletes! 

Injury Rehabilitation

A variety of modern techniques to help guide your body back to full health.

Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Let this soft cupping massage improve circulation and expel toxins from your body.

In Swansea, a serene white buddha statue sits peacefully on a table, emanating tranquility and mindfulness. A vibrant plant adorns its side, creating a harmonious and natural ambiance.

Workshops & Meditation Sessions

Online and in-person workshops aimed to empower you and give you knowledge whilst enjoying meditation and the aroma of essential oil blends.

Ready to book your perfect treatment in Swansea?

To book an appointment please call Helen on 07890062773 or fill in the contact form or email Helen directly.


Wellbeing Massage

Our most popular treatment. This is a treatment where a combination of various techniques are used by Helen depending on the requirements of the client needs.

This treatment is suitable for all, including women who are in their second trimester of pregnancy, those undergoing treatment for Cancer, and children.


Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation

Suitable for all including children, not just athletes! These sessions are fully tailored to the individual and the presenting issues, and may utilise components from many different massage disciplines and clinical therapies to aid the recovery and rehabilitation of the body.


Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy aims to treat the whole person by helping to restore the harmony of the mind, body and spirit. It works with the pure properties of plants, using their essential oils in a natural complementary therapy which is said to help improve both physical and emotional well-being. Benefits of aromatherapy include relief from stress, anxiety and tension. Feelings of relaxation, improved mood, improved sleep and a general sense of health and well-being.


This treatment is suitable for all, including pregnant women (all trimesters), those undergoing treatment for Cancer and children.


Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage Therapy is a natural body treatment that enhances circulation and expels toxins and waste in the body.

Traditional glass cups, which have been used for many years are known for being stationary or placement cupping, where a cup is placed in a specific area for several minutes and the vacuum is produced by heat. Whereas the silicone Bellabaci cups used in this massage are, hand-squeezable vacuum massage Cups are a modern-day version, where no heat is required, and the cups can be moved easily over the skin.

The Cups create negative pressure on the body surface which draws stagnant blood from the capillaries to the veins to be cleansed and disposed. This deep tissue massage instantly soothes painful areas of the body and repairs skin tissue. The gentle suction of the Cup on the skin is called the “Cup Kiss” hence the name, Bellabaci, meaning “Beautiful Kiss”.

Cupping massage therapy can help the following:

Cellulite, Fibromyalgia, Circulation, Stress and digestive health.

For more information about Bellabaci massage visit

CARE amd connection FOR THE MUM-To-BE

Pregnancy Massage Gower and Swansea

Pregnancy Massage treatments are wonderful for mother and baby and offer a whole host of benefits.

Embrace a haven of tranquility and nurturing care with our specialised Pregnancy Massage at a serene treatment space in Gower, Swansea. Tailored specifically for expectant mothers, our holistic approach gently eases the unique stresses and strains of pregnancy. Under the expert guidance of Helen, who is a skilled and experienced therapist, each session is designed to provide not only physical relief but also emotional balance, ensuring a deeply soothing experience. Set in the picturesque heart of Gower, our welcoming and peaceful environment offers the perfect retreat for mothers-to-be seeking relaxation and rejuvenation during this special time.


Workshops in Swansea and Online

Our Monthly Aromatherapy Meditation Workshops are back for 2024 beginning on 14th February 2024.

Immerse yourself in a 60 minute session with Helen which includes a short explanation of the essential oil blend for the month, followed by a relaxing guided meditation.

Where to find Helen, Gower and Swansea


Temple Wellness is easy to find on Gower and offers a safe and welcoming space for you to relax and rejeuvenate. 

Gower Heritage Centre Temple Wellness Ymlacio Life
Massage Treatments Gower Parkmill Swansea Ymlacio Life
Gower Heritage Centre Parkmill Gower Swansea Ymlacio Life

Book your time on the treatment couch now.

To book an appointment please call Helen on 07890062773 or fill in the contact form or email Helen directly.

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